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Scaffolding Tools: Getting to Know the Different Types

Scaffolding Tools | April 12, 2018

Getting to know the different types of scaffolding tools and their uses can help ensure that all scaffolding is erected as safely and securely as possible. At United Scaffold Supply, we offer a wide range of scaffold equipment, including scaffolding tools.

Types of Scaffolding Tools

If you are thinking about using scaffolding on your next job, here are some of the different types of scaffolding tools available:


One of the most important tools for erecting scaffolding is the podger, which features a tapered metal bar with a slight scoop on the end. Podgers are essential to ensuring that scaffolding pipes are properly aligned, as they can easily be slid into bolt holes and leveraged for perfect alignment. In some cases, podgers can be attached to the end of a hammer or wrench.


Since scaffolds require the base unit to be completely level and placed on a solid foundation, it is important for scaffold workers to use a level while erecting the scaffold. A good level can be used to ensure that all of the assembled pieces are perfectly straight and level.

Claw Hammers

While scaffolding is put together with pins and clamps, having a heavy-duty commercial claw hammer on hand is always a good idea on any type of worksite. Claw hammers can be used to drive the scaffolding pins into place or to remove them once the scaffolding needs to be disassembled.

Socket Sets

Socket sets are necessary for assembling scaffolds, as the cross-braces are attached to the main frame with pins or clamps that have nuts and bolts. These nuts and bolts need to be properly tightened when the scaffolding is being erected to ensure that it is safe for use.

Safety Harness and Lanyard

Safety harnesses and lanyards are extremely important for ensuring the overall safety of everyone working on scaffolding. Safety harnesses are available in a wide range of waist and full-body sizes, while conventional lanyards are about three feet in length. Both of these pieces of safety equipment can easily be attached to a safety rope in order to protect scaffold workers from falling.

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