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Shoring Scaffolding & Scaffold Towers

Shoring Scaffolding

Heavy-Duty Shoring Scaffold Towers

Our heavy-duty shoring scaffold towers are ideal for applications exceeding the load-bearing capacities of traditional scaffold towers, since they can be combined with columns for better support. This type of support can be used in multiple arrangements with various load-bearing capacities.

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Did you know?

Ring-loc Scaffolding makes an ideal shoring system because it has extremely high strength capacity values, is self-supporting, and is quick to install.

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Benefits of Shoring Scaffolding
  • Offers superior system technology
  • Strong, verified high load-bearing capacity
  • Certified consistent component quality
  • Stable structure from base out
  • Adaptable components can be used for propping or general scaffolding
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Exact height adjustment
  • Economics optimized
USSC Shoring Scaffolding

United Scaffold's shoring scaffolding achieves an extremely high load-bearing capacity, and can be used in multiple arrangements.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum 12k scaffold towers
  • Base jacks and head jacks (U-heads)
  • Additional bracing
  • F360 prop system
  • Aluminum Beams
  • Aluminum Stringers
  • Fly Tables
Ring-loc Scaffolding

USSC Ring-loc Scaffolding is the industry standard for modular scaffolding because it surpasses the standard conventional scaffolding construction methodologies. USSC Ring-loc offers unbeatable flexibility and adaptability, and is the number one choice for scaffolding.

  • Ingenious connector technology
  • Comprehensive range of parts
  • Fast, easy setup and dismantling
  • Bolt-free system
  • Range of temporary access solutions
  • Ideal shoring and propping system
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Scaffold towers and shoring scaffolding systems can be easily, logically, and quickly assembled from a few parts. Once assembled these systems can take on the heaviest loads and toughest, most complex assignments. Ring-loc Scaffolding makes an ideal shoring system because it has extremely high strength capacity values, and is self-supporting.