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Scaffold Banding & Scaffold Strapping

High-Tenacity Woven Polyester Banding & Strapping

For Sale Only

United Scaffold Supply only uses high-quality banding and strapping products on jobsites, and there is no greater strapping solution than the high-tenacity woven polyester strapping from Kubinec Strapping Solutions. This strapping offers a superior and safer alternative to steel banding that is commonly used throughout the construction industry. This product has been tested and proven to dramatically reduce the potential for product damage and personal injury, and is ideal for uses with steel wire, chemical drums, scaffolding, aluminum extrusions, concrete forms, hardwoods, and magnesium ingots. United Scaffold stands behind this product 100% and is the only Canadian distributer of Kubinec banding and strapping on the market.

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Did You Know?

Kubinec Strapping Solutions' woven polyester strapping is specifically designed to meet or exceed the breaking strength of steel strapping.

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Benefits of Woven Polyester Strapping
  • Strapping can be printed with your company name or logo
  • Coil weighs 1/4 of the weight of steel strap coils
  • Reduced failure rate compared to steel strapping
  • Can easily be disposed of
  • Will not rust, stain, or damage products
  • Has no sharp edges to cut employees
  • Can be cut while under tension without the possibility of recoil injury
  • Has natural shock absorption, providing the ability to move without breaking like steel banding
  • Strap stays tight and does not loosen
  • Ability to re-tension strap and reuse strap
  • Shrinks or expands with loads
Polyester Woven Straps

Polyester woven straps are specifically designed to meet or exceed the break strength of steel strapping.

  • 1/2" Light Duty
  • 3/4" Light Duty
  • 5/8" Light Duty
  • 3/4" Medium Duty
  • 5/8" Heavy Duty
  • 3/4" Heavy Duty
Phosphate-Coated Buckles

Kubinec Strapping Solutions has the largest buckle selection available, with sizes ranging from 1/2" to 1 1/2".

Our exclusive phosphate-coated buckles combined with our high-tenacity woven polyester strapping provide tremendous joint efficiency that your company can rely on.

Buckle Sizes
  • 12mm = 1/2" strapping *not phosphate coated
  • 16mm = 5/8" strapping
  • 19mm = 3/4" strapping
  • 19mmHD = 3/4" strapping (heavy duty)
  • 25mm = 1 1/4" Strapping
  • 32mm = 1 1/2" strapping
Manufactured by Only the Best in the Industry
Kubinec Scaffold Strapping

Steel strapping has been the industry standard for years, even though it presents risk and liabilities to crewmembers on any given jobsite. At United Scaffold Supply, there is nothing more important to us than the safety of our workers. That is why United Scaffold uses superior and safer alternative from Kubinec Strapping Solutions. Not only is their strapping and buckle system specifically designed for load containment applications but it is also tested and proven to be safer than steel strapping.