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What Training is Required to Work on Scaffolding?

Scaffold Safety | May 4, 2023

Working on scaffolding can be a dangerous job, but with proper training workers can minimize potential risks and enhance their own safety. So, what training is required to work on…

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Mistakes to Avoid When Setting up Scaffolding Systems

Scaffolding systems are invaluable tools for aerial access and working at heights for extended periods. If your project requires the use of scaffolding, it is crucial to ensure that each…

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What is a Scaffold Safety Plan?

Scaffold Safety | February 28, 2023

Whether you are working with access scaffolding or shoring scaffolding, it is crucial to have a sufficient safety plan in place before designing, constructing, and using these systems. While a…

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5 Scaffolding Hazards to be Aware of

Scaffold Safety | October 28, 2022

Scaffolding is a staple for many commercial and residential job sites that require consistent aerial access. Though access and shoring scaffolding are necessary for many types of projects, there are…

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Scaffolding Heat Safety

Scaffold Safety | July 28, 2022

While summer is the busiest season for construction projects, it features several weather-related hazards that should be accounted for. While harsh sunlight and glare from reflections are highly hazardous for…

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Scaffold Safety Checklist

Scaffold Safety | March 24, 2022

Whether you are using a scaffold system for a large construction project or a renovation for your home, operator safety should always be your primary concern. As leading providers of…

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Safety Tips for Working on Scaffolds in the Rain

Scaffold Safety | October 26, 2021

Access scaffolding systems are popular aerial access options for a variety of construction sites across North America. Though scaffolding systems are normally safe and efficient, they can become hazardous during…

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Summer Scaffolding Hazards

Scaffold Safety | August 31, 2021

Scaffolding hazards never disappear, they just transform as the work environment changes. Though it is easy to assume that dry and predictable weather is easier to work in than cold…

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How Scaffolding Systems are Affected by Weather

Scaffold Safety | July 29, 2021

Scaffolding systems are an efficient and effective method of accessing difficult areas for construction in elevated areas or on the side of a building. Though scaffolding systems are safe and…

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The Importance of a Scaffold Safety Plan

When it comes to access scaffolding and shoring scaffolding, many potential safety risks must be addressed before operating on them. Falling tools, falls from heights, collapsing bars, and electrocution from…

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