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Safety Supplies & Training

Safety supplies and training

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Quality Begins With Safety

At United Scaffold Supply, our team members strongly believe that quality begins with safety. That is why United Scaffold only offer the best safety training and safety supplies on the market because our customers expect the best when it comes to keeping themselves and their crew safe on the worksite.

Trusted Brands

Safety Consulting
E.H.S. YSafety Consulting Inc. Services

YSafety is a leader in providing the most comprehensive Health and Safety and Return-to-Work Programs in the industry. YSafety offers customized Training Programs and Data Management Tracking Systems that are designed to meet and exceed all of the requirements of the WorkSafe Partners COR Program. Their main goal is to ensure that your company is compliant with the health and safety regulations and legislation in your region. Both of their training programs are offered online or in a classroom setting, and are taught by qualified safety professionals who can tailor the programs to meet the specific needs of your company.