Access Scaffolding

Access Scaffolding Installation

Temporary Access to Those Hard-to-Reach Places

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At United Scaffold Supply, our team only uses access scaffolding that you can trust to keep your workers safe. United Scaffold use a wide range of products including ring-loc systems, tube & clamp and frame scaffold for internal access and stairway towers for public use, as well as a complete selection of other special application stairway problems. All of our access scaffolding is built to last in the toughest work environments.

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Did You Know?

Stair towers come in standard layouts of 4, 6, or 10 legs.

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Benefits of Access Scaffolding
  • Provides a safer system for construction and public access
  • Has a high load capacity
  • Offers freedom of movement and adequate work space
  • Fast, easy setup and dismantling
  • Adaptable to all workspace requirements
  • Offers different exit heights for public and construction use
Access Scaffolding

United Scaffold's Ring-loc and stairway towers are constructed to meet rigorous safety standards, and can be equipped with many different features.

  • Aluminum plywood decks
  • Steel plank System
  • High strength steel standards and ledgers
  • Engineered to CSA & OSHA Standards
  • Stair Towers
Scaffold Accessories

Scaffold accessories can help accomplish more ambitious projects with greater economic success. The extensive range of well-engineered scaffolding accessories can maximize efficiency on your next project.

  • Anchors, hardware, castors, and jacks
  • Brackets, couplers, and scaffold tubes
  • Steel toe boards
  • Planks, guardrails, and decks
  • Shrinkwrap & debris mesh
  • Perimeter Guardrail systems
Manufactured by Only the Best in the Industry

United Scaffold offers a full range of scaffold solutions for temporary access, and a complete selection of other special application scaffold, enclosure and shoring solutions. From simple access scaffold to shoring to stairway towers, United Scaffold constructs all it’s products utilizing scaffold materials that are engineered and tested to meet or exceed CSA and OSHA and local jurisdiction requirements.