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Confined Space Safety: Increased Requirements and Codes

Confined Space Safety | February 27, 2018

In order to ensure the safety of everyone working in a confined space, the Canadian government has increased requirements and codes that must be met under the law. At United Scaffold Supply, we want to help ensure the safety of everyone working on a jobsite, especially those working in confined spaces. That is why we offer a wide range of high-quality safety supplies and safety training. Some of the increased requirements and codes for confined space safety set by the Canadian government include:

Entry Procedures for Confined Spaces

Once the confined space has been properly assessed and reported on by a qualified person, appointed by the employer, an entry permit system must be put into place. Through the use of an entry permit system, the employer can be assured that all employees are acting safely and properly in accordance with Canadian requirements. Entry permit systems are designed to keep track of:

  • Each employee who enters the confined space
  • How long each employee was in the confined space
  • What personal protection equipment each employee was wearing
  • What tools each employee had with them
  • What emergency equipment should be used in order to rescue each employee in the event that something goes wrong

Confined Space Emergency Procedures and Equipment

In the event that an emergency does occur in or near the confined space, the employer must have established emergency procedures that call for the immediate evacuation of the confined space as soon as an alarm is activated, or something causes an immediate threat to the health or safety of the person working in the confined space. It is extremely important that two or more people, trained in emergency procedures and basic first aid, are in the immediate vicinity of the confined space at all times. Employers are also responsible for ensuring that anyone entering, existing, or occupying a confined space is wearing the appropriate safety harness and attached to a lifeline that is securely anchored outside of the confined space.

Confined Space Training

Under Canadian law, all employers must provide every employee who may work in a confined space must be instructed and trained in the emergency procedures put in place by the employer, as well as the proper use of personal protection equipment. All employers are expected to ensure that all procedures are followed and that all employees are wearing personal protection equipment, especially while working in a confined space.

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