Confined Space Safety: Inspection and Evaluation Services

Confined Space Safety | March 28, 2018

Inspection and evaluation services for confined space safety are designed to help ensure that your worksite is as safe as it can possibly be. At United Scaffold Supply, we offer a range of on-site safety services, including technical services, audit services, and safety program development, for creating a safer work environment.

Find out how to properly plan for confined space safety in construction.

Technical Services

Keeping up with the latest safety codes is paramount when it comes to the overall safety of those working on the job. At United Scaffold Supply, we offer a range of technical services that are designed to inspect and evaluate the company’s equipment and safety regulations to ensure that they are kept up to date with any new safety codes. Some of the technical services we offer for confined space safety include:

  • Electrical conductivity and polarization tests
  • Fire extinguisher and eye wash/deluge shower inspections and documentation
  • Noise, air contaminant, ventilation, lighting, and other evaluations
  • Qualified training
  • Respirator fit testing (quantitative and qualitative)

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Audit Services

Having a company audit performed is one of the best ways to assess the company’s safety procedures, ensuring that they are maintaining proper safety regulations. Comprehensive audit services from a qualified professional can help keep the company functioning not only efficiently but also safely. A qualified consultant can provide a wide range of audit services, such as:

  • Accident investigations, determining root causes and recommending corrective actions
  • Complete corporate safety COR evaluations
  • Comprehensive prioritized reports
  • Deficiency tracking and development of time-tables for prompt resolution
  • Monthly safety walk-throughs and follow-up meetings
  • Statistical evaluations focused on hazard recognition and economic resolution

Safety Program Development

If you are worried about the overall effectiveness of your company’s safety procedures, it might be time to develop a new safety program. Having an effective safety program can help reduce potential workplace accidents, leading to injury or illness, while still keeping overall costs down and productivity up. Safety programs should be specifically designed to each company’s specific needs in order to ensure that any problem areas, such as unsafe work conditions or practices, can be identified and eliminated as soon as possible.

Learn all about confined space safety requirements and codes.

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