Why Should You Rent Scaffolding to Paint Your House?

If you are planning on painting your house, it is important to have a plan in place before you get started. Regardless of how tall your house is, it is likely that you will have to work at a height from which it would be unsafe to fall. A ladder can be dangerous to use when you are forced to stretch away from it to reach tough spots, as is inevitable with painting, so you should rent scaffolding to paint your house or to do any other home improvement jobs. At United Scaffold Supply, we provide scaffolding rentals for all kinds of projects across BC, and we can help you get the right scaffolding rental package to paint your home.

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Why Rent Scaffolding when Painting Your House?

Scaffolding is great to have on hand whenever you are trying to work on anything that you cannot reach from the ground. Painting your home typically requires that you reach difficult areas, like soffit, trim, peaks, eaves, and fascia, so make sure that you look at your options to rent scaffolding before getting started. Some of the benefits of renting scaffolding for painting a house include:

Improving Safety

The best reason to rent scaffolding for a house painting job is to keep yourself and your family safe. Ladders can tip easily, especially when trying to paint hard-to-reach spots. Compared with ladders, scaffolding is much more stable and can be safer to work on.

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Increasing Efficiency

When working on a ladder to paint your house, you will constantly be needing to climb up and down in order to move the ladder a few feet at a time and fetch new paint. With scaffolding, you have a larger platform to work from, meaning you can walk back and forth and paint a much wider area of the house. You will also be able to keep more supplies at the top of the scaffolding with you than you can with a ladder. All of this means that the job will be done faster and with less effort.

Better Quality Work

When working on a ladder, it is difficult to step back and get perspective on the work you are doing, and it is also a lot easier to miss spots when you are holding on with one hand and cannot see every point of your work. The wider surface of a scaffold will allow you to get better perspective on your work and put more time and detail into painting, resulting in a better job.

Why should you rent scaffolding for home renovations?

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