When Should You Use Scaffolding?

With the proper setup and safety procedures, scaffolding can be an incredibly useful and safe way to accomplish a job. At United Scaffold Supply, we know that there are many different applications for scaffolding and that there are times when you should use scaffolding and times when you should not. If you are unsure if scaffolding can be used on your current jobsite, consult one of our expert staff.

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When You Should Use Scaffolding

Whether you are building new construction, performing maintenance, or setting up for an event, scaffolding can be a safe and productive way to get the job done. Scaffolding can be used whenever you need to accomplish a job that takes place high up off the ground, as long as the ground is stable, and the scaffolding can be built securely.

Scaffolding is used around the world for all kinds of job, including construction of new buildings, bridge repairs, maintenance operations, and even jobs as straightforward as painting a ceiling. You should use scaffolding in any situation that requires you to frequently move from the ground to the height at which you will be working, as well as for any job that will require a large enough range of motion to make ladders or manlifts unsafe.

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When Not to Use Scaffolding

Although scaffolding can be extremely useful, there are some situations where scaffolding should not be used. Make sure that you use discretion when considering setting up scaffolding in the following circumstances:

  • If the ground is uneven or unstable
  • If it is in an area with children or the scaffolding will be unsupervised for long periods of time
  • If the scaffolding has been tampered with or damaged in any way
  • If no qualified, trained personnel are available to set up the scaffolding

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