What is Shoring Scaffolding?

Shoring Scaffolding | January 30, 2020

Although the various types of scaffolding might look similar, there are some important differences in how they function and the kinds of loads that they are capable of supporting. For this reason, it is important to always consult a scaffolding expert, like the ones at United Scaffold Supply, whenever you are looking into scaffolding for any kind of project. Aside from access scaffolding, one of the most commonly seen types of scaffolds is shoring scaffolding.

What is Shoring Scaffolding?

Shoring scaffolding is a framework system that is designed to support or prop up loads to hold them steady in order for crews to work on them and secure them in place. Shoring scaffolds are typically used in situations where the load being borne and worked on is directly overhead. While traditional scaffolding is typically used to provide workers and materials with access to hard-to-reach areas, shoring scaffolding is designed to support large amounts of weight that exceed the capacities of traditional scaffolding and to offer a temporary or, sometimes, semi-permanent heavy-duty structure.

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Uses for Shoring Scaffolding

Although the primary purpose of shoring scaffolding is to support an edifice, ceiling, network of beams, or another building component, it can also have a secondary purpose of providing access to work areas. Decks and rails can be used to provide the same kind of access that can be found with regular access scaffolding. Shoring scaffolding is used in all areas of construction and can be paired with various pillar systems for added support.

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Benefits of Using Shoring Scaffolding

In most scenarios, the decision on whether to use access scaffolding or shoring scaffolding will be determined by necessity. Shoring scaffolding is reasonably quick and simple to assemble and it offers far better weight bearing properties than other types of scaffolding. Another major benefit of shoring scaffolding is that it offers the ability to adjust height to exactly where it needs to be.

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