Scaffolding for Movie Production and Special Events

Whether it is a movie set, a concert, or a ceremony it can be very handy to have scaffolding for movie production and special events readily available. At United Scaffold Supply, we understand that scaffolding is often used for purposes other than construction, which is why we offer a variety of set-up and rental services for movie productions and special events.

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Scaffolding for Movie Production

Regardless of whether the set is indoor or outdoor, most film sets require lighting, film crew access, and set design, all of which is typically constructed from scaffolding. Movie sets in the Vancouver area are frequently outside, which means that scaffolding for film needs to be versatile and able to provide cover from disagreeable weather conditions through temporary rough structures. United Scaffold Supply’s crew offers services in scaffolding for the film industry in not only sales and rentals but also in the construction and dismantling of the scaffolding used.

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Scaffolding for Special Events

Concerts, theatre productions, ceremonies, and sporting events are just some of the types of special events that can use scaffolding. Whether it is for set design, staging, bleachers, or lighting and sound, special event scaffolding is perfect for creating a temporary customized structure that perfectly suits each application.

In every service provided by United Scaffold Supply, safety is our number one priority. It is our firm conviction that, when a crew knows that they are safe, they are more productive and efficient with time. By committing to creating a safe work environment you can save your company, film production, or event planning committee time and money.

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To learn more about scaffolding for movie production and special events, or if you are interested in one of our other scaffolding products or services, please contact United Scaffold Supply at 1-866-820-6341 or fill out a contact form on our website. We are a Vancouver scaffolding company that is proud to provide customers with the best scaffolding and scaffolding equipment on the market.