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Scaffold Tools and Accessories: Getting to Know the Different Types

Scaffold Tools & Accessories | October 30, 2017

Scaffold tools and accessories are an important part of ensuring that a jobsite is as safe as it possibly can be for both workers and pedestrians. At United Scaffold Supply, we know that the first step to choosing the right scaffold tools and accessories for the job is getting to know the different types.

The Importance of Using the Right Scaffold Accessories

A worksite can often present many hazardous situations that can be amplified by using the wrong tools and accessories, or using the right tools in the wrong way. It can also be a dangerous idea to try to modify or improvise if you do not have the right tool or accessory. Each tool and accessory is designed for a specific purpose, which means that choosing the right tool will decrease the amount of effort required to get the job done right without causing damage to either the equipment or the surface being worked on.

Scaffolding Podger

The scaffolding podger is an important tool for properly erecting scaffolding. With its tapered metal bar and scooped end this tool can easily be slid into boltholes to align scaffolding pipes properly. Once the boltholes are lined up, the tool can be removed and replaced with a bolt. Scaffolding podgers can also come with an attached hammer or wrench, which are important tools for any trade.

Scaffold Ratchet Spanner

Scaffold ratchet spanners feature an open-ended flare or ring head that is designed to turn a fastener in one direction but not the other, while still remaining fitted to the fastener head. This tool is extremely useful, as it does not need to be removed and replaced each time the limit of the turning arc is reached. Ratchet spanners are an important part of erecting scaffolding as they help ensure that all of the pipes are securely fitted together.

Scaffolding Levels

Scaffolding levels are an important tool that all workers erecting scaffolding structures should carry because it can help ensure that the ledgers are level, preventing an uneven structure that can become unstable and fall. This tool tends to be small and compact, and some even feature a magnet that will secure the tool to the piping.

Tool Lanyards

Tool lanyards are designed to prevent tools from dropping to the ground. This accessory works by connecting tools to your tool belt or harness, and are the perfect accessory for helping ensure a safer workplace.

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