How to Put Up Scaffolding Correctly

If you are planning on doing a renovation or building project, it can be incredibly useful to know how to put up scaffolding correctly. At United Scaffold Supply, we provide scaffolding rentals, sales, and a variety of other scaffolding related services throughout BC, and we are committed to safety on every jobsite that our equipment is involved on.

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How to Install Scaffolding

At United Scaffold, we provide services in scaffold installation and takedown in order to ensure that our equipment is always erected in a safe and reliable manner. Even if you are not building the scaffolding yourself, knowing how scaffolding is put up can help you to spot issues that could be a danger. Whenever you are building a scaffold, the proper height to base ratios should always be observed. Make sure that you are familiar with all scaffolding standards that are recommended by Worksafe BC.

The steps to install scaffolding include:

1.     Preparing the Ground

Before beginning to build a scaffold, it is necessary to create an even, stable surface. If the dirt, grass, concrete, or any other type of ground is unlevel, fill it in with dirt or gravel and pack it down. Lay down soleboards to evenly distribute the scaffold’s weight over the ground.

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2.     Assemble the Legs

Begin assembling the base by finding all of the adjustable legs, base frame pieces, feet, and hardware to hold the whole thing together. On many scaffold models, the legs of the base are threaded and slide into the frame. Adjusting screws are used to set the height of the scaffold and level out the corners. If casters are being used, attach them to the baseplates on each leg.

3.     Connect the Side Frame Pieces

Use the provided cross braces to connect the two side frame pieces that now have the legs attached. The cross braces should form an “X” along the long sides of the scaffolding.

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4.     Install the Planks

Each of the scaffold’s levels should have reinforced planks that hook into place on either end to act as a platform. Lay the planks in place and make sure that they are secure. Do not use homemade planks, as these might not be strong enough to support your weight.

5.     Build the Upper Levels

In order to build the additional levels of the scaffold, attach the frame pieces to the base and then repeat steps 3 and 4. Make sure that guard rails are installed on each level as you build.

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