How to Develop an Effective Safety Program

Workplace Safety | June 13, 2019

One of the most effective ways to ensure employee and jobsite safety is to have a comprehensive safety program in place that commits a company to workplace safety and outlines the different practices and processes for everyday work. At United Scaffold Supply, the safety of our employees and clients is always our top concern, and we are always happy to help show others how to develop an effective safety program through our comprehensive safety training program.

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Steps for Developing an Effective Safety Program

Once a company has fully committed to establishing a proper safety program, there are a few steps that can help you get started on getting the program in place.

1.     Identify All Workplace Hazards

Any situation or task that has the potential to harm property or an employee is considered a hazard. Go through each aspect of the business and identify any potential risks and document them along with an assessment of the severity of the risk and its nature. The nature of different hazards could be environmental, activity related, or workplace specific.

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2.     Develop Processes to Protect Employees from Hazards

Once you know what the potential risks are, you can move onto protecting your staff from them through written programs and processes. These processes should be written out in a document that outlines all of the risks involved in the workplace and how to avoid them. Different processes could be related to what safety gear to use for different activities, where to find emergency kits, which activities require special permits or permission, or the practices for fire and electrical safety.

3.     Educate All Employees

Every workplace is legally required to provide employees with the education necessary to keep them safe. In order to do so, it is necessary to provide safety training for employees right away when they are hired, given new responsibilities, or transferred to a new position. During this training, ensure that all of the proper safety procedures and practices related to the employee’s job and environment are reviewed. It is also good to train staff whenever there is a change in safety protocol or a new hazard is discovered. Refresher training should also be done on a regular basis.

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