Common Scaffolding Safety Procedures

Whether it is being used privately or commercially, scaffolding should always be used with safety as the top priority. Regardless of height, location, or purpose, scaffolding can cause terrible injury when it is not used safely. At United Scaffold Supply, we are aware of all of the best common scaffolding safety procedures and we can make sure that your operation runs smoothly and safely for all individuals involved.

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Scaffolding Safety Practices

There are many different practices that should be observed when using scaffolding to ensure the safety of all personnel in the vicinity. Some scaffolding safety procedures to keep in mind include:

Observe Your Surroundings

Make sure that you check the surrounding area for safety hazards before using scaffolding. Watch out for uneven or unstable ground, obstacles such as parapets, overhangs, and tree branches, and electrical hazards like wiring. Check the ground on which the scaffolding stands to make sure that there are no earth fills or nearby holes, ditches, or drop-offs. Ensure that all foot and vehicular traffic is controlled in the surrounding area.

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Check All Fall Protection

Ensure that you are equipped with all necessary pieces of fall protection. Harnesses, lanyards, and any other pieces of equipment should always be inspected for defects before use. Whenever possible, make sure that railings are installed on the scaffolding.

Inspect the Scaffolding

Make sure that you inspect your scaffolding before using it, especially if it has been moved or altered since it was set up. Ensure that the scaffolding was assembled properly and that all joints are connected. Never use scaffolding if there is a defect of any kind.

Monitor the Load Being Supported

Always make sure that the load being supported is well within the weight restrictions of the scaffolding. Never exceed the recommended load rating. Keep equipment and materials away from the edge of the scaffolding as well as you can.

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