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Choosing the Right Scaffold Supply Company

Scaffold Supply | December 15, 2017

At United Scaffold Supply, we know that, when it comes to choosing a scaffolding company, most people do not know what to look for. That is why our team has put together some simple tips on how to choose the right scaffold supply company in order to help you make the best choice for your specific needs.

1. Safety

Quality begins with safety that is why it is paramount to ensure that the chosen scaffold supply company has a proven track record in health and safety management. The best way to find out how serious a scaffold supply company is about their health and safety policy is to make sure that they meet and exceed all WorkSafe BC and OSHA requirements. Companies that meet these requirements and regulations are safe to rent scaffolding from.

2. Quality Standards

United Scaffold Supply is in complete compliance with WorkSafe BC codes, as well as with OSHA and CSA regulations. It is important to make sure that any scaffolding company you are thinking about working with adheres to the strictest set of standards. This not only raises the bar when it comes to the quality that the scaffolding contractor aims to supply but also provides the customer with a defined method of recourse if things do go wrong.

3. Insurance

Scaffold supply companies are legally required to provide suitable insurance coverage and should be able to supply the proper information on demand. Any difficulty or reluctance to provide evidence is a huge warning sign that a company should not be rented from. The potential financial and legal ramifications of using an uninsured scaffolding contractor are huge, so it is important to first ensure that a company has the correct coverage before any scaffolding is erected.

4. Training and Experience

The scaffolding field is becoming one of the most regulated aspects of the construction industry because of the high degree of risk involved. As a result, only fully trained personnel should erect, adapt, and dismantle scaffolding. Experience and expertise are just as important as training, as it allows scaffold erectors to successfully judge the needs of any job, since no two scaffolding towers are exactly the same. This means that it is important to choose a scaffolding contractor with a proven track record.

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