Access Scaffolding Vs Shoring Scaffolding

When it comes to indoor and outdoor construction projects, the equipment you choose will have a significant impact on safety and productivity. This is especially true for projects that require the use of scaffolding systems. As leading providers of scaffold equipment sales and rentals, the team at United Scaffold Supply understands how important it is to choose the right system for your needs. That is why our team has provided some information to compare access scaffolding vs. shoring scaffolding to help you understand the differences between each and choose the right solution for your project.

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Access Scaffolding

Access scaffolding is designed to provide temporary access to hard-to-reach places on large construction sites. This type of scaffolding is available in a variety of different configurations including ring-loc systems, tube & clamp, and frame scaffold for internal access and stairway towers for public use. Each access scaffolding system is constructed to meet rigorous safety standards and can be equipped with aluminum plywood decks, steel plank systems, high-strength steel standards, steel ledgers, and stair towers.

Some of the main benefits of using access scaffolding on your next big project include:

  • Versatile and highly adaptable to project site requirements.
  • Fast, easy setup and dismantling for enhanced productivity.
  • High load capacities to safely hold operators and their equipment.
  • Offers different exit heights for both public and construction use.
  • Allows for freedom of movement and larger workspaces, ensuring a better experience for operators.

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Shoring Scaffolding

Shoring scaffolding is a heavy-duty system that is ideal for applications that exceed the load-bearing capacities of traditional scaffold towers. This type of scaffolding can easily be combined with columns for added support and can be used in multiple arrangements with various load-bearing capacities. Shoring systems are typically used to prop heavy loads or to hold them steady while a crew works on them from above or below. Some of the different arrangements that shoring scaffolding can be used for include:

  • Additional bracing.
  • Aluminum beams.
  • Aluminum stringers.
  • Base jacks and head jacks.
  • F360 prop systems.
  • Fly tables.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum 12k scaffold towers.

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Some of the main benefits of shoring scaffolding include:

  • Superior system technology and efficiency.
  • Enhanced load-bearing capacities for heavy equipment and materials.
  • Certified and consistent component quality.
  • Stable structure throughout for optimal reliability.
  • Adaptable components can be used for propping or general scaffolding,
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, enhancing productivity.
  • Precise height adjustment capabilities for enhanced accuracy.

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For assistance choosing the right scaffolding system for your project, get in touch with the team at United Scaffold Supply. We can be reached by phone at 1-866-820-6341 or through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products.