4 Non-Construction Tasks That Require Scaffolding

At some point in time, you have probably encountered a construction site supported by scaffolding. While many people think this is a reinforcement technique only used in construction, that is not the case as there are many non-construction tasks that require scaffolding as well. At United Scaffold Supply, we know that there are many uses for scaffolding. That is why we have put together a list of 4 non-construction tasks that require scaffolding.

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4 Activities Other Than Construction That Require Scaffolding

1. Home Improvement

Scaffolding can often be useful for builders and homeowners alike when performing various home improvements, including home additions, room conversions, and roof replacements. Utilizing scaffolding for these kinds of home improvements can provide workers with a safe platform to work on at heights, while also providing ample space for tools so that workers do not have to continuously go up and down a ladder.

2. Building Inspections

Scaffolding can also play a critical role in building inspections. Since a building inspector will need to perform tests and checks on all aspects of a building, including its structural integrity and the building envelope, using a scaffolding will allow the inspector to safely check various building parts.

3. Window Cleaning

When cleaning especially large commercial buildings or hotels, some window cleaners will opt for using scaffolding to clean the windows that cannot be reached on a ladder. Utilizing scaffolding provides workers with a safe and comfortable option for completing the work quickly and efficiently.

4. Painting

There may be times when painters need to work on structures that would require them to be elevated to great heights while they work on the project. In this case, to prevent fatal injuries from a fall, scaffolding ensures their safety and that they have someplace to keep their tools.

To learn more about the many activities you can incorporate scaffolding into and how they help with safety when working on structures placed on dizzying heights, get in touch with the incredibly knowledgeable team of experts at United Scaffold Supply.