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At United Scaffold Supply, we use several different types of scaffolding tools and accessories to make sure that our scaffolds are properly erected and secured into place. Some of the tools are more common, such as hammers, ratchet wrenches, and crescent wrenches, while some of the other tools such as spanners are specifically designed for erecting scaffolding.

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Did you know?

Scaffold installation crews use a unique set of tools that are specifically designed for erecting scaffolding.

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Scaffolding Podger

The podger is a key tool for properly erecting scaffolding. It features a tapered metal bar that may be slightly scooped at the end, and is sometimes attached to the end of a hammer or a wrench. This tool can be slid into bolt holes in order to align scaffolding pipes properly. Pressing on the other end can then leverage the podger, and once the bolt holes are lined up, the tool can be taken out and a bolt can be inserted in its place.

Scaffolding Hoists

Scaffolding hoists are specifically designed to lift materials up to the higher reaches of the structure. Buckets can be attached to scaffolding hoists for lifting up smaller items. Scaffolding hoists can be motorized, and feature a long cable with a hook on one end. When the motor is activated, the pulley turns and the cable retracts, lifting the materials.

Scaffolding Levels

Almost all workers erecting a scaffolding structure will carry levels, which are used to ensure that the ledgers, or horizontal pipes, are lined up correctly and level with the ground. It is important to ensure that these pipes are level in order to prevent an uneven structure that can become unstable and fall. Scaffolding levels tend to be fairly small and lightweight, and can be kept in a pocket for safekeeping. In some cases, the level might even feature a magnet that will secure the unit to the piping, preventing it from falling.